Dads are becoming more protective of daughters

A survey by the Girls’ Schools Association (GSA) has found that head teachers believe fathers are becoming more protective of their daughters due to the ‘influence of the media and celebrity culture’.

Dads are more protective of daughters

by Louise-Anne Geddes, Mindful Mum, 15th June 2012

The survey, released in time for Father’s Day saw head teachers surveyed by GSA, who found that 51% believe mothers and fathers to be equally interested in their child’s educational progress.  92% claimed that both parents turned up to parent’s evenings.  However, 48% believed that fathers were becoming increasingly protective of their daughters ‘than they used to be’.

Less in control

Of the head teachers polled, they believed the most ‘overwhelming’ reason for this was that they feel ‘less in control because of social media’ and that fathers worry about the influences of the media and celebrity culture on their daughters.  Another reason given, albeit a less frequently cited one was perception of the world ‘as a more dangerous place’.  In contrast, 46% of head teachers believe that dads are no more protective now than before.

Legitimate concerns

Alun Jones, chairperson of GSA’s membership committee said:

“Fathers have legitimate concerns about protecting their daughters in a world where young girls – and boys – are subject to all kinds of pressures through the media. These are real concerns and the occasional instance of misplaced worry is rare, though of course it does happen. Fathers have a vital role to play in their daughter’s upbringing and it’s good to see them taking such an active and equal interest in their academic progress.”

Source:  GSA, Happy Father’s Day – You’re doing a great job!, 14th June 2012
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