Scottish Baby and Toddler Show 2012

This weekend, we went to Scotland’s biggest baby and toddler event at the SECC to see what new products are on the market to make busy mums lives easier.

Scottish baby and toddler show

With over 150 exhibitors taking to the SECC to meet mums, dads, and mums-to-be in Scotland, the Scottish Baby and Toddler show was a weekend packed full of cool products, innovative ideas and handy workshops. With a free creche, baby was well taken care of as mum and dad spoke to the brands important to them. Experts frequented the stage at the show delivering workshops to parents with popular ones including life saving first aid from the British Red Cross.

Here is our top five innovative new baby products from the Scottish Baby and Toddler Show 2012. Which companies and products were your favourite from the show?

1. Messymum

This weekend was the launch of this new innovative company. For mums, dads, grans and granddads who are keen to get hands on in arts, bath time, meal times and baking with their little ones, the Messymum cover-up will protect clothes and can withstand anything your kids can throw at it!

Made in Scotland, the Messymum is breathable, lightweight, made from waterproof material and can be used at breakfast time to protect your work wear from being splattered with porridge!

Scottish baby and toddler show
For more information, visit Messymum.

2. Lifft slings

After struggling to find a a fashionable yet comfortable and functional baby sling for her little one, Louise Day came up with the idea to create her own.

Lifft baby slings are trendy and currently also the only sling independently biometrically tested and proven to keep your spine straighter to improve your posture as you carry baby.
The slings promote six natural carrying positions and can be safely used from birth to three years old.

Scottish baby and toddler show
For more information, visit Lifft baby slings.

3. Strider Bike Scotland UK

The main Scottish retailer of the popular Strider balance bikes, Strider Bike Scotland carry a range of colours to choose from.

Balance bikes can help children from as young as 18 months to ride a bike. With no stabilisers or pedals, little ones learn the key skills required to ride a bike, balance, steering and coordination. By mastering these skills, little ones can progress straight onto a big bike without the aid of stabilisers.

Scottish baby and toddler show
For more information, visit strider bikes Scotland.

4. Monkey inc

Monkeyswimmers from Monkey inc are an innovative product to help our little ones learn to swim. When we think of arm bands, we think of the inflatable, uncomfortable orange flotation  devices we struggle to haul on and off of our children at the side of the swimming pool.

When on holiday in America, Donna Heaton bought a pair of armbands for her daughter, Millie. They were hard to get on, scratched her little arms and the ink from the band had ran on and dyed her skin. Donna took this inspiration and turned the design (which was invented in 1956) into a modern, foam armband that is easier to get on.

Monkey Swimmers are the world’s slimmest, adjustable armband.

Scottish baby and toddler show
For more information, visit Monkey Inc.

5. Mushroom and Co

Mushroom and Co bring babies and toddlers in the UK eco friendly toys to play with. From teethers to balls and toys, Mushroom’s toys are made from 100% natural rubber.

They are hand painted with non-toxic food grade dye and are PVC, BPA, Nitrosamine and  Phthalate free to keep your little ones safe.

These mindful toys are perfect for little ones who love to chew their colourful toys!

Scottish baby and toddler show
For more information, visit Mushroom and Co.

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  1. messymum says:

    Delighted to get the number 1 spot on the Mindful mum top 5 innovative new products from the Scottish Baby and Toddler Show this year. Thank you very much!

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