House of Lords back smoking ban in cars with kids

House of Lords peers have backed plans to ban people from smoking in cars where there are children present.

House of Lords back smoking ban in cars with kids

by Louise-Anne Geddes, Mindful Mum, 25th July 2012

The House of Lords approved Lord Ribeiro’s private member’s bill to make offenders pay a £60 fine or attendance at a smoke awareness course.  However, despite support for the measure in the House of Lords, it would need the support of MP’s to become law, and Prime Minister David Cameron has raised questions as to whether it would encroach on ‘personal freedoms’.

Supported by campaigners

The House of Lords voted through Lord Ribeiro’s bill on Monday, but Mr Cameron claims that parliament must have a ‘serious think’ before taking such a step.  Lord Ribeiro told the BBC that there was not strong government for legislation in the area, with ministers ‘favouring education as a way of persuading parents to change their behaviour’.  The bill is supported by various health campaigners and charities.

Source:  BBC News, Peers back smoking ban for cars with children present, 24th July 2012

Photography: Max and Miles Hanley @Flickr

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  1. This ban ought to go through, personal freedom surely only applies to the person inhaling the deadly fumes and not the child who has no say on the matter! This is after all a confined space where another person is inhaling smoke through no choice of their own so how is it different from a pub or public building!

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