Jessica Simpson ‘steals’ Kourtney’s dream baby name!

Kourtney Kardashian, due any day now, is in a mad rush to find a new baby name for her latest arrival after Jessica Simpson beat her to it and used the baby name.

Jessica Simpson steals Kourtney's baby name

The reality TV star is due to give birth to her second baby with partner, Scott Disick, in coming weeks. The couple had already picked a favourite name for their unborn daughter but Jessica Simpson beat her to it when she named her daughter Maxwell in May.

Kourtney claims she had picked the name well in advance and the whole Kardashian clan loved it. She believes Jessica and partner, Eric Johnson, ‘stole’ the name from her.

Kourtney and Scott are reportedly searching frantically for a new name for their daughter though Scott has been warned that if they can’t decide before Kourtney goes into labour, she’s picking a name by herself!

Maybe Kourtney should have a look at our brilliant Baby Names to help her decide!


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