Love feeding the ducks? That’ll be £2,500 please.

Families who enjoy feeding the ducks at their local pond could be slapped with a hefty fine in one part of Britain.

Love feeding ducks? That'll be £2,500 please.

A simple pleasure almost everyone in Britain can claim to have enjoyed at some point is feeding the ducks at their local pond.

But in Ely, Cambridge, signs have been put up warning of a £2,500 fine for any person caught feeding the ducks on the grassed area beside the pond. The fine is for ‘littering which includes the deposition of foodstuffs’ and can be levied under Section 87 of the 1990 Environmental Protection Act for unauthorised feeding of waterfowl.

Residents can still feed the ducks, swans, and geese but only on the water. The council have introduced the ban on feeding the birds on surrounding grassy or path areas as some locals and residents have been commenting on the mess the ducks leave behind with fouling.

Dave White, the council’s waste team leader, told the Telegraph, “To help, we are encouraging people to feed ducks responsibly on the water, in the bird’s natural environment, rather than on the pavement.

“Considerable research in other areas of the country indicates this is the best way to address people’s concerns.

“So in the first instance we will always offer the public advice regarding where they should be feeding the ducks ahead of issuing any form of fine.

“The signs down by the riverside indicate the maximum penalty for persistent and consistent failure to follow the rules and would be awarded by a court.”

Source: Telegraph
Photography: Philms @Flickr

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  1. Ruth O'Brien says:

    To be fair, feeding ducks dry bread is really bad for them! Always throw them in the water.

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