Mum and kids banned from Tesco for eating paid for sweet

Mum of three, Lisa Grantham, has been banned from her local store after her child ate a sweet she had paid for earlier in the store.

Family banned from Tesco

The 26 year old mum said the Coventry Tesco is her local supermarket and she often pops in two or three times a day.

After buying her shopping earlier that day, she popped back in at 3.30pm after collecting her children, Sophie, eight, Dulcie, five, and Jason, three, from school.

The family picked up cat food and  lemonade which they had forgotten earlier and when at the checkout, Lisa gave five year old Dulcie a chewy sweet she had bought on her first trip to the supermarket.

As Lisa was paying for her shopping and chatting with the employee at the checkout, the security guard at the Tesco Express in Walsgrave Road, Stoke approached the family.

“You’re barred- you and the kids!”

She explained in an interview with her local newspaper, “He said ‘the kids shouldn’t be eating in here’. I said that he knew I had bought that sweet earlier and he agreed.

“Then I said ‘Are you trying to say I didn’t buy them?’

“He then shouted across the store: ‘That’s it, you’re barred – you and the kids’.

“It came out of the blue and I felt so humiliated because the shop was busy. I was never made to feel so bad in my life.

“I’ve seen lots of children eating in there before – we’ve done nothing wrong.”

After leaving the store in tears, Lisa returned to speak to a manager who didn’t offer any solution to the problem.

Lisa said, “The security guard back-tracked and said he hadn’t barred us because of the sweet but because of the way the wrapper had been put in the pram.”

A spokesperson for the supermarket chain said, “We understand that it can be difficult to keep an eye on small children while shopping but staff in the store have spoken to the customer before about incidents like this.

“We would of course be happy to reconsider the ban if we are given a reassurance that it won’t happen again.”

Lisa is in the process of lodging a formal complaint and says the store has lost one of its most loyal customers.

Source: Coventry Telegraph

Photography: Nick Saltmarsh @Flickr

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