Nurseries should ban TV, says survey

A European Union funded survey into obesity prevention for four to six year olds has said that nurseries should ban toddlers from watching television, and instead focus on fun activities which promote active play.

Nurseries should ban TV, says survey

by Louise-Anne Geddes, Mindful Mum, 6th April 2012

The ‘ToyBox’ survey found that obesity in preschool children in Europe has risen to a figure of one in eight, with parts of southern Europe reaching a level of 25%. Almost 40% of Spanish nursery age girls are classified as being overweight or obese. The study examined data from Belgium, Bulgaria, Germany, Greece, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland and the UK, which highlighted the need for better health-promoting policies.

‘Sedentary’ behaviour and obesity

Yannis Manios is assistant professor at Harokopio University and co-ordinator of the
survey. He suggests that parents should also play a role in reducing the amount of
television their pre-school children watch, and should ensure that unhealthy foods are not kept in their fridges. He said: “We found that many countries are lacking clear guidelines on healthy eating and active play. However, there is good evidence linking sedentary behaviour, such as TV watching, with subsequent obesity. Therefore, TV watching in kindergartens should be replaced by more active, non-competitive, fun activities which will promote the participation of the whole class and help children to achieve optimal growth, health and well-being. Similarly at home, TVs in the bedroom and unhealthy snacks in the kitchen cupboard are a bad idea”.

Source: Press Association, Call for ban on nursery TV watching, 6th April 2012

Photography: Daniel Catt @Flickr

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