Pitch turns into creche at Euro 2012

In a dominating match against Italy, Spain walks away as the winners of Euro 2012 after an impressive 4-0 score.

Euro 2012 celebrations are a family affair

The players were quick to celebrate the trophy win and within minutes, the celebration turned into a family affair. Nora Torres, the two year old daughter of Fernando Torres led the celebrations on the pitch, closely followed by the striker’s son, Leo.

The proud dad scooped up his little ones, who were sporting little Spain football shirts of their own, and enjoyed a family moment after the final whistle.

Several other team players let their young families take to the green to have some fun with the celebrations. With dozens of little ones joining in and playing with the glitter used during the trophy celebration, the only word to describe the heartfelt moment was, ‘awwwww’.

Photography: Sky Sports

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