RCM comments on improvements to maternity services

The Royal College of Midwives has commented on the ‘welcome and positive’ steps by the NHS to improve maternity services.

by Louise-Anne Geddes, Mindful Mum, 12th November 2012


Their chief executive Cathy Warwick commented on the £25 million fund to improve maternity services, saying that ‘this is a welcome and positive step, and one we have been asking for’.

New provision in mandate

The announcement by the government of some maternity provision in the NHS mandate is new, and RCM says that ‘its effect on the actual service in the NHS is yet to be seen’.  Warwick says that ‘putting maternity care in the mandate for the NHS will (I hope) help to ensure maternity services are a priority for the NHS’.  She added that that the RCM would indeed require to see what the mandate includes before its importance can be fully assessed.

Better care for Mums and babies

Warwick continued:

“Any additional money is welcome. £25 million is a relatively small sum compared to the annual budget for maternity services of around £2.5 billion. However it will help to make changes to the environment which can improve care and the fact that women are going to be part of the process of deciding how the money will be spent is very positive.  I hope the Government ensures the money is accessible to those on the front line easily and quickly, and that systems for getting the money are simple. This development comes on top of government pledges made earlier in the year, including a commitment to ensure that women will have one named midwife who will oversee their care during pregnancy and, after they have had their baby.  I hope to see all these positive commitments become a reality and translate into better care for women and their babies.”

Source:  The Royal College of Midwives, Need to see Government pronouncements on maternity turn into reality at the front line, 11th November 2012

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