Reducing sugary drinks limits weight gain

New research published in the New England Journal of Medicine has claimed that reducing a child’s intake of sugary/fizzy drinks can help to slow weight gain.


by Louise-Anne Geddes, Mindful Mum, September 24th 2012

Funded by the Netherlands Organisation for Health Research, the study was conducted by researchers at VU University, Amsterdam.  An 18 month trial involved 641 children, primarily of normal weight from age four to age 11.  They were randomly assigned to receive and consume 250mls of a sugar free, calorie free (artificially sweetened) drink or a sugary drink containing 104 calories per day.


The researchers found that children consuming the sugary drinks gained 7.37kg during the 18 month period, as opposed to 6.35kg gained by the children in the sugar free group.  Their ‘skin fold thickness measurements, waist to height ratio and fat mass’ was also considerably higher.


It was concluded that ‘masked replacement of sugar-containing beverages with non-caloric beverages reduced weight gain and fat accumulation in normal-weight children’.

Source:  The New England Journal of Medicine, A Trial of Sugar-free or Sugar-Sweetened Beverages and Body Weight in Children, September 21st 2012

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