Save the Children appeal to help UK children

The charity Save the Children has launched an appeal to help the poorest UK children as worrying figures from their report ‘Child Poverty in 2012, It Shouldn’t Happen Here’ are released.

by Louise-Anne Geddes, Mindful Mum, 5th September 2012

According to the report, one in eight UK children go without one hot meal a day and often see their parents go hungry in order to feed them due to the burden of the recession. Save the Children spoke to more than 1500 children and young people and 5000 parents for their report, and found that many children worry about their family not having enough money.

Cutting back

Worrying statistics revealed by the new report include:

  • 43% of children see their parents cutting back on things for themselves, such as food and clothes.
  • Over a third of children (36%) say their family struggles to pay the bills.
  • 15% of children go without new shoes when they’ve grown out of their old ones, 14% go without a warm winter coat, and 23% of parents say their children miss out on school trips because they can’t afford them.
  • 29% of parents say they can’t afford to have their children’s friends over for tea and 10% miss out on celebrating their birthday.

Helping families survive

Save the Children’s Chief Executive Justin Forsyth said:

“No child should see their parent going hungry or start the new term without a warm coat and with holes in their shoes. Poverty is tearing families apart, with parents buckling under the pressure of mounting bills and children seeing their parents argue more about money. That’s why for the first time in our history we are launching a UK appeal. We need to help poor families survive the recession.”

Source:  Save the Children, The UK’s poorest children reveal the bleak reality of life in recession-hit Britain, 5th September 2012

Photography: apdk @flickr

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  1. we are very rapidly becoming a third world country

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