Scottish children missing too much school

New figures released by the Scottish Executive have revealed that almost half of Scottish school children are missing lessons due to family holidays or truancy.

Scottish children missing too much school

by Louise-Anne Geddes, Mindful Mum, 3rd July 2012

Statistics published by Education Minister, Mike Russell showed that 337, 041 Scottish pupils missed at least half a day due to non authorised absence, a record high.


The figures which were published by Mr Russell in a parliamentary answer showed that the number of  unauthorised absences by young primary school pupils had increased by almost 30,000, which marks a 23% increase in just five years.   Overall, 42% of primary school children had unauthorised absences, with a level of 61% for secondary pupils.

Exclusion decreases

Despite these figures, the number of primary pupils excluded from class for misbehaviour has fallen by more than a quarter since 2007 to 2,332.  Fewer children are being excluded from class for misbehaving, although the Telegraph reports that almost 14,500 were still ordered by their teachers to leave.


A spokesman for the Scottish Executive has said:

“These figures cover pupils who have taken a single half day’s absence or more over the course of a full school year and are not a true reflection of school attendance”.

Source:  The Telegraph, Half of Scottish school children are skipping lessons, 3rd July 2012

Photography: Elizabeth Albert @Flickr

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