Should Granny spend money entertaining your kids?

Nearly half of Grandparents surveyed expect to spend £100 on their grandchildren this summer.

Nearly a third of all grandparents will be looking after their grand children up to three times a week during the summer holidays.

According to a Saga survey, Grandparents will spend an average of £60.81 on their grandchildren during the summer holiday. While 43% of grandparents expect to spend up to £100 on their grandchildren during the summer, a smaller number (7%) expect to spend more than £200 on toys and entertainment.

Populus interviewed over 10,000 Saga grandparents and found that the most popular way to look after children was to entertan them at home (28%) or take them on days out (26%) to the museum or beach.

All you need is love

A Nuffield study published early this year highlighted the emotional support provided by Granny and Granda. The cost of childcare is a factor in parents decision to ask their own parents to look after their children, but not the only one. Parents said they were also motivated by the “trust” and “love” grandparents give their children.

The Nuffield study noted that while the number of children being looked after some of the time by their grandparents has increased overall in the last 10 years, the amount of time they spend with them has actually fallen.

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