Why modern girls are ditching dolls

For the first time in half a century, girls have left dolls behind when writing their wishlist.

Why modern girls are ditching dolls

Although being on the top spot of wish lists for little girls in Britain since the 50’s, dolls have finally been replaced in favour of video games.

The findings, reported in a survey by Energy firm Eon, suggest that girls prefer playing with games consoles, such as the Wii, Nintendo DS, Playstation and XBox.

The survey says the shift started in the 1980’s  when the first Nintendo Game Boy was released.

Since then, video games have moved from the fifth most popular play thing of the 80’s, to the number one must have for modern children.

The findings also suggested that boys too were ditching Lego and Meccanno in favour of gadgets and consoles, such as iPods, iPads and Playstations. The once favourite construction toys haven’t been completely forgotten just yet, however, with children awarding them 2nd place.

Dolls are 3rd favourite

Shifting two spots, dolls have slipped to 3rd favourite play thing, though Child’s play campaigner, Adrian Voce OBE, claims it would be unlikely dolls will ever die out.

He said, “Dolls may no longer be the top toy for girls but I don’t see them dying out anytime soon.

“Children like to play in ways that allows them to replicate an adult’s world and dolls allow them to do this.

“The dolls can play the roles of different people in children’s real or fantasy life and they can play a parent-figure.

“However, what is most important is children are actually playing.

“We have seen children can even play and have a good time with household items and junk.”

Board games have suffered the most over time. Once the favourite toy of 12% of children born in the 80’s, they are now favourite to just 3% of 90’s children.

Will you give in to modern trends this Christmas or will your little one be getting one of the British favourites – Lego, Meccanno, Barbie, and Cabbage Patch Dolls?

Source: Daily Mail

Photography: ElPadawan @Flickr

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