Yahoo’s new CEO will work through maternity leave

On Monday, major corporation Yahoo announced their new CEO. Not only is she a woman, but she’s expecting her first child in just a matter of months.

Yahoo CEO will work through maternity leave

Marissa Mayer, a former Google executive, decided to disclose her good news to the company before she was offered the final job offer but Yahoo was reportedly fine with the news.

Mayer, 37, is a strong career woman. She was the 20th employee and first female engineer of internet giant Google, where she stayed for 13 years. During her career, she was promoted to the role of vice president in charge of local and location services.

After Yahoo poached the business woman from their rivals, Mayer explained that although she was pregnant, it wouldn’t be holding her back. Her maternity leave will last for just a few weeks and she plans on working throughout her time off.

Mayer said that none of the Yahoo directors showed any concerns over hiring a pregnant CEO. She said, “They showed their evolved thinking”.

Source: Fortune CNN Money

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