Couple awarded MBE for fostering over 70 children

Peter and Jean Dorey from Gillingham, were made MBE for services to children after 40 years of fostering more than 70 children.

Peter and Jean Dorey were acknowledged for their service to children in the Queen’s Birthday Honours.

The couple fostered their first child in March 1973, with their own first child being born in September of that year. Mrs Dorey, told the Western Gazette, “Sometimes we have had a call in the morning and a child arrives in the afternoon, or even the early hours of the morning. Sometimes you think you’re all these kids have.” Mr Dorey revealed that he had never been concerned about becoming a foster parent.  ”It’s all about time, patience and having a sense of humour, that’s what sums it up,” he said.

Thinking of fostering a child?

Want to know what children think and want from their foster carers? We like this infographic on fostering that gives you an interesting insight into what children who are fostered want from their carers.

Children and young people viewpoints 2012 – An infographic by the team at Fostering Solutions

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