Happiness! What does it cost?

If happiness is the elixir that keeps us young and keeps us, well happy. Then the question ‘what does happiness cost’, is an important one, if not the most important one.

Most people would provide different opinions as to what creates personal happiness, but if i were to take a guess, i’d say sunshine & money would be two top answers on a Family Fortunes survey.

We recently came across an infographic from Sunlife, which makes a direct correlation between ‘disposable income’ & ‘happiness’. Sunlife suggests that those regions in the UK with the most disposable income, are indeed the happiest.

So, if we believe the statistics from Sunlife, where Scotland is deemed to have ‘most dispoable income’ and thus ‘most happiness’; then it’s just a shame you cant use that extra income to buy some more sunshine!

What are your thoughts on ‘what creates happiness’? Is it money? Is it sunshine? Is it something else?

blog-the cost of happiness in the uk today-infographic

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