Useful Apps & Sites to Help Mum Pass Time When Breastfeeding

At Mindful Mum we’re always thinking about how we can help all the amazing mums who are ‘up all night’ – breastfeeding, weaning, comforting, etc. It can be pretty tough sometimes, so we’ve offered a few ideas to help beat the boredom. Here’s a quick guide for you:

Find Those Pre-Loved Bargains for Baby and You

Second hand items can be a godsend for new parents. Why? Because kids grow so quickly, it means that ‘almost new’ clothes are being discarded / sold / given away for buttons. It’s not only items for your children that you’ll find on these sites – there’s plenty for mum too. No need to feel guilty about spending money on yourself either – you work hard, sleep little, and certainly deserve a treat. What makes it better is it’s usually heavily discounted – so no need for guilt about spending on yourself rather than baby (for a change).  Sites like,,,, etc. are all great places to search for bargains. And the middle of the night, with less distractions around, is definitely the best time to go online bargain hunting.

Get Social

Everyone loves Social Media, and it’s revolutionized the way that disconnected families stay in touch. In fact, I’m utterly amazed by the amount of Grandparents currently using WhatsApp! Who knew that the silver surfer generation would realize this Gen-Y app could be so useful for sharing ‘baby photos’! And then there’s the usual suspects – Facebook and Instagram. These channels are great social guides as to what’s popular, what’s trendy, and what’s cool for baby. Apart from sharing your photos with your family and friends, social media is great for having a nosey at what everyone else has been doing. Searching for friends from school and work, other mums can help pass the time. All women like an innocent snoop every so often!

Social media is also great for group pages, such as local swap and buy pages, community groups (which offer a safe place to ask for advice from other mums in your local area – e.g. cool things to do with your kids). It’s worth remembering that it’s vitally important you keep your Facebook settings private – so that only friends and family can view your images of you and baby. Here’s a quick how to guide.

Playing Online (or generating some extra cash)

Unless you’ve been asleep for a decade, you couldn’t have missed the online explosion of games and apps that are designed to ‘fill that rare moment of silence’ we never seem to enjoy anymore. Gaming is a bit like marmite – you either love it or hate it. I hate it. The top ‘annoying’ games include – Angry Birds; Candy Crush; Bejazzled (or am I mixing that up with a similar named activity that focuses on ‘adorning the pubic area (of a woman) with crystals, glitter, or other decoration). Either way, games aren’t everyone’s cup of tea.

Some Mum’s might prefer sites that actually provide a financial return for their effort – so sites like (stock trading), Jackpotland ( play all your favorite games such as video slots or roulette) or sites like, where you get paid for your latest t-shirt designs or jewelry range, might be a more constructive use of your time.  In fact, I know many a mummy blogger who are generating a handy little ‘side income’ from just running their blog! And good on them for being so entrepreneurial!

Whatever the reason you’re up? Whatever you’re interested in – always know that you’re not alone. There are many mums just like you who are wide awake while the rest of the world sleeps. So spare a thought for them – you never know, they might be your next opponent on Angry Birds!

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