Rates of breastfeeding on the rise

Low breastfeeding numbers cost the NHS millions

New research commissioned on behalf of UNICEF UK has found that low breastfeeding numbers is costing the NHS millions of pounds and an increase could boost health Continue reading

Music CD for every new born baby in Scotland

The Royal Scottish National Orchestra is to give a CD of music, poetry and nursery rhymes to all newborn babies in Scotland from October 2012 to October 2013 Continue reading

Drew Barrymore has her first baby

Hollywood actress Drew Barrymore has given birth to her first child, a daughter Olive with her husband Will Kopelman Continue reading

New whooping cough advice for pregnant women

The Department of Health has stated that vaccinations will be made available to all pregnant women due to a rise in whooping cough cases in young babies. Continue reading

Robbie Williams announces birth of daughter

Praise be, it's Theodora Rose Williams Continue reading

Welsh neonatal units short staffed, report warns

Welsh neonatal units short staffed, report warns

A new report from the Children and Young People's Committee of the Welsh Assembly has found that neonatal units are short staffed, with 83 extra nurses required. Continue reading

Controlled crying to promote sleep does no harm

New research to be published in the Pediatrics journal in October has suggested that controlled crying in infants to promote sleep will do them no lasting harm. Continue reading

Poor school performance linked with obesity

Poor school performance linked with obesity

New research has found that children who are obese, and suffer from the subsequent side effects are likely to have poorer school performance. Continue reading

Mo Farah celebrates another double victory

Mo Farah celebrates another double victory!

Mo Farah celebrates another double victory as his wife Tania gives birth to twin daughters on Friday Continue reading

Autism linked with older dads

A landmark study has suggested that there may be a link between autism and older father's with a change in genetic mutations being thought to be the reason Continue reading