David Cameron leaves his child at the pub

Could you leave your child in the pub?

An in depth look into Cameron's recent parenting blunder. Continue reading

Older dads linked to healthier children

Older dads make healthier children, says study

New research has suggested that there may be health benefits associated with older dads and grandads. Continue reading

David Cameron leaves daughter in pub

Prime Minister leaves eight year old daughter at the pub

PM launches parenting class initiative months after leaving 8 year old daughter alone in pub. Continue reading

Parenting classes and PM Cameron

What does Cameron know about parenting anyway?

Parenting classes for when real life doesn't meet the scenario in the parenting books. Continue reading

Facebook new mums

Why motherhood makes women turn to Facebook

New study finds that mums are increasing their Facebook usage following childbirth. Continue reading

Photo of breastfeeding military women causes outrage

Photo of breastfeeding military women causes outrage

A photo posted online of two mothers in military uniform breastfeeding causes outrage over the internet. Continue reading

Anti-depressants linked with seizures in babies

Anti-depressants linked with seizures in babies

New US research suggests that anti-depressant use by Mum could cause seizures in infants. Continue reading

Obesity more likely in babies born by C Section

New research suggests that babies born by caesarean section are more likely to be obese than those born naturally Continue reading

Folic acid linked to lower child cancer risks

A new study has linked the addition of folic acid to US products with a decrease in certain childhood cancers Continue reading

Raise childcare ratios, says MP

A new report by Elizabeth Truss suggest UK childcare ratios should be based on European models, and increased ratios. Continue reading