Breastfeeding baby

Breast fed babies gain less weight in first year

New research suggests babies fed from the breast gain less weight than those bottle fed formula or breast milk. Continue reading

Prime Minister launches free parenting classes

Government plans to support families need 'buy in' from all to normalise parenting classes. Continue reading

Dedicated mid-wife for expectant mums

Expect a named midwife to give one on one care during pregnancy. Continue reading

TIME breastfeeding cover

TIME magazine cover causes controversy

TIME Magazine's breastfeeding cover controversy. Continue reading

Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson gives birth to baby girl

Jessica Simpson gives birth to healthy baby girl, Maxwell Drew Johnson. Continue reading

Drug abuse

Increase in US babies born with drug withdrawal

The number of babies born in the USA with drug withdrawal has almost tripled since 2000. Continue reading

Scottish baby and toddler show

Scottish Baby and Toddler Show 2012

Mindful Mum's favourite products and companies from 2012's baby and toddler show in Scotland. Continue reading

Parents blame Tylenol for baby death

Parents blame Tylenol for baby death

The parents of nine week old Markus Cherry are suing over suspected Tylenol death. Continue reading

MP calls for change in blinds after toddler strangled by cord

Since 2010 11 toddlers across the UK have become accidentally entangled in blind cords. Continue reading

The '5 S's' soothe babies after vaccines

The ‘5 S’s’ soothe babies after vaccines

Soothing technique is a success when tested in American hospital. Continue reading