Useful Apps & Sites to Help Mum Pass Time When Breastfeeding

Useful Apps & Sites to Help Mum Pass Time When Breastfeeding

At Mindful Mum we’re always thinking about how we can help all the amazing mums who

Remembering To Remember Remembrance Day

From the time we are in school, we are reminded of the sacrifices people made back

Happiness! What does it cost?

Happiness! What does it cost?

If happiness is the elixir that keeps us young and keeps us, well happy. Then the question 'what does happiness cost', is an important one, if not the most important one. Continue reading

Growth of Online Gambling. A Threat to Society?

The Growth of Online Gambling: A Threat to Today’s Society Continue reading

Childrens healthy meals with parents

Child-friendly meals or family pot – what’s healthier?

After looking at the family eating habits of more than 2000 five-year-olds, a study by the University of Edinburgh concluds that children who eat the same meals as their parents are healthier. Continue reading

Would you give a debit card to your child?

What are your thoughts on giving a child as young as eight years old a debit card? Continue reading

Diabetes UK raise awareness of condition in children

Diabetes UK mark World Diabetes Day by launching their 4 T's campaign, which raises awareness of the 4 main symptoms of the condition in children Continue reading

Charity urges parents to ditch Christmas lists for kids

Mothers' Union urges parents to scrap Christmas lists for their children, claiming that they encourage commercialism and put undue pressure on families Continue reading

MMRV booster shows no increase in seizure risk

Website warned over advertising despite warnings

Parenting website is given another warning by the Advertising Standards Agency despite being ordered to remove content in August this year Continue reading

One million to lose child benefit

According to BBC News, with changes to the child benefit system, around 1 million families are to receive letters advising that their earnings are too high for benefit Continue reading