Night Star Lunar Rage 9 Rocket Pack

Night Star Fireworks are recalling their range of Lunar Rage fireworks, sold by Morrisons. Continue reading

Negative view of children

Negative view of children in Barnardo’s research

A new poll commissioned by Barnardo's finds that UK has a negative view of children. Continue reading


Heart risk not linked to ADHD drugs

The largest safety study into ADHD medications for children finds that there is no increased link between them and heart disease. Continue reading

childhood asthma

Some asthma drugs have risks for kids

Certain long acting asthma drugs may have a more negative effect on children than adults. Continue reading


Outdoor play may reduce eye risks

Spending time outdoors could reduce a child's risk of nearsightedness. Continue reading

Younger diagnosis of ADHD

Younger diagnosis of children with ADHD

New guidelines from the American Association of Pediatrics will see children with ADHD diagnosed younger. Continue reading

Children's intensive care lacks qualified nurses

Children’s intensive care lacks qualified nurses

Research suggests there are not enough qualified intensive care nurses for children. Continue reading


Breastfed babies enjoy better life chances

by Louise-Anne Geddes, Mindful Mum, 10th October 2011 The researchers are examining the relationship between breastfeeding

Doctore encourages MMR jab

Leading doctor encourages MMR vaccinations

The director of the European Center for Disease Control and Prevention recognises the importance of doctors in supporting the MMR vaccine to prevent measles. Continue reading


Steps taken to combat childhood obesity

Centers for disease control and prevention in the USA has announced a new project to fight childhood obesity. Continue reading