Diabetic kids more likely to be asthmatic

Research in Pediatrics journal has found that children with diabetes may be more prone to asthma. Continue reading


BPA found in canned children’s food

New research from the Breast Cancer Fund reveals BPA is present in canned foods marketed at children. Continue reading


Child obesity increases isolation risk

New research published in Pediatrics finds that children who are obese from a young age may struggle with peer relationships. Continue reading

Accidental child poisining with medication prescription drugs US

Increase in accidental child medication poisonings

Accidental prescription medication poisionings are on the increase in the US. Continue reading

Child Maintenance Fees Proposed could Harm Families

Calls for child maintenance fees to be scrapped

According to single parent charity Gingerbread, 46% of single parents cannot afford CSA charges. Continue reading

WHO Unicef Show Less Children Perish

Worldwide child mortality rates improve

Research by UNICEF and the World Health Organisation shows a decrease in child mortality of almost 5 million since 1990. Continue reading

UK Kids Unhappy Need More of Parents Time

British children need more time and less stuff

What stops you from spending more time with your children... work, cooking, internet? Continue reading

Sleep counselling for children starting school

Counselling parents could help with sleep problems in children

Offering counselling to parents with children suffering from sleeping problems could improve sleep before starting school. Continue reading

nursery and child stress levels

Increased heart disease risk for babies in nurseries

Psychologist claims that nursery for babies can lead to increased risk of heart disease due to stress. Continue reading

Childrens TV and attention span

Action packed cartoons may damage attention span

Research for Pediatrics Journal reveals that fast past cartoons can lead to a reduced attention span. Continue reading