Three year old asked to stop signing name because it looks like a gun

American preschool forbid 3 year old's sign language gestures because it resembles a gun. Continue reading

Mo Farah celebrates another double victory

Mo Farah celebrates another double victory!

Mo Farah celebrates another double victory as his wife Tania gives birth to twin daughters on Friday Continue reading

Autism linked with older dads

A landmark study has suggested that there may be a link between autism and older father's with a change in genetic mutations being thought to be the reason Continue reading

Baby antibiotics linked to obesity

New research involving more than 10,000 children has found that a link exists between childhood obesity and babies who are given antibiotics at less than 6 months Continue reading

Cereal bars don’t deserve healthy image

New research by consumer group 'Which?' has found that 29 out of 30 cereal bars, including those marketed at children are very high in levels of sugar and fat Continue reading

Children unable to play due to couch potato culture

New research has suggested that sedentary children who watch too much TV have poorer co-ordination skills than their peers who are more active Continue reading

Schools to learn to cope with food allergies

Schools to learn to cope with food allergies

Schools are to be given guidance on how to deal with food allergies as numbers of children suffering from them increases. Continue reading

Top 100 baby names of 2011 – Harry & Amelia are No 1

The most popular baby names of 2011 are Harry and Amelia. Continue reading

Should Granny spend money entertaining your kids?

Grandparents expect to spend £100 on grandchildren during the summer. Continue reading

Children’s allergies linked with parents

New research has suggested that children are more likely to have allergies if their parent of the same sex also suffers from the same allergy. Continue reading