Heavily pregnant woman goes for gold in Olympics

Heavily pregnant woman to compete in Olympics

Pregnancy won't stop this Olympian from going for gold! Continue reading

Yahoo CEO will work through maternity leave

Yahoo’s new CEO will work through maternity leave

Marissa Mayer is Yahoo's new CEO, she plans to work through her maternity leave. Continue reading

Kids waist sizes predicted by TV viewing

Kids waist size predicted by TV viewing

New Canadian research suggests a correlation between increased TV viewing and increased waist size Continue reading

Type two diabetes in kids as young as 7

Type two Diabetes diagnosed in young children

New guidelines from NICE have revealed that type two diabetes is becoming more prevalent in young children Continue reading

Caffeine in pregnancy

No caffeine link to hyperactive behaviour

New research suggests that caffeine consumption during pregnancy is not related to hyperactive behaviour in children Continue reading

Urban Decay regains cruelty free status in shock U-turn

Urban Decay make a shock U-turn and decide to back out of their decision to sell their products in China. Continue reading

Homes with pets healthier for children

Homes with pets healthier for children

New research suggests that having a pet in the house may benefit child health Continue reading

50 shades of grey sparks baby boom

Fifty Shades of Grey sparks baby boom

Can 50 Shades of Grey spark a UK baby boom and save marriages? Apparently so! Continue reading

Jessica Simpson steals Kourtney's baby name

Jessica Simpson ‘steals’ Kourtney’s dream baby name!

Did Jessica Simpson 'steal' Kourtney's baby name? Continue reading

Scottish children missing too much school

Scottish children missing too much school

New figures released by the Scottish Executive have revealed that children are missing school due to unauthorised absence. Continue reading