School shuts down Martha's food blog

School shuts down pupil’s food blog

Martha Payne's popular food blog, NeverSeconds, is closed down by her school. Continue reading

Dads are more protective of daughters

Dads are becoming more protective of daughters

A new survey finds that dads are becoming more protective of their daughters. Continue reading

Dangerously high salt levels in kids meals

Dangerously high salt levels in kids meals

New research finds dangerously high salt levels in children's meals in pubs and fast food restaurants. Continue reading

Fathers love more important than mothers

Dads love contributes more to a child’s development

Father's love is as important, and in some cases more important to child development Continue reading

Study finds how parents can get children to eat healthy fruit and veg

Is smile is all it takes to get your child to eat their greens?

According to a new study, a simple smile could encourage children to eat vegetables. Continue reading

David Cameron leaves his child at the pub

Could you leave your child in the pub?

An in depth look into Cameron's recent parenting blunder. Continue reading

Older dads linked to healthier children

Older dads make healthier children, says study

New research has suggested that there may be health benefits associated with older dads and grandads. Continue reading

Rise in child neglect calls

Child neglect calls have doubled in two years, says NSPCC

The NSPCC received almost twice as many child neglect calls in 2011, than in the period 2009/10 combined. Continue reading

David Cameron leaves daughter in pub

Prime Minister leaves eight year old daughter at the pub

PM launches parenting class initiative months after leaving 8 year old daughter alone in pub. Continue reading

Basic health steps could save 2 million children

Basic health steps could save over 2 million children

New UNICEF research states that 2 million child deaths could be prevented by better treatment of diarrhoea and pneumonia. Continue reading