Loyd Grossman Korma Recall

Loyd Grossman korma sauce

The Food Standards Agency have issued a recall on Lloyd Grossman korma sauce. Continue reading

Ovarian cancer linked with IVF

Study suggests ovarian cancer is linked with IVF but NHS say no cause for alarm. Continue reading

Underweight in conception just as damaging

New research finds that being underweight while trying to conceive can be just as damaging as obesity. Continue reading

IVF success boosted by electro accupuncture

IVF success boosted by electro-acupuncture

A new study in China has found that Electro-acupuncture can improve IVF success. Continue reading

Men are wired to care for baby

Fatherhood lowers testosterone…but men wired to ‘care’

Research shows that men's testosterone levels decrease when their partners give birth....and they are wired to care for baby. Continue reading

Weaning baby and salt in bread

Concern about high salt levels in bread

Your bread could be packed with hidden salt, with 28% of bread containing as much salt per slice as a packet of crisps. Continue reading

Weight and IVF

Heavier women less likely to have IVF success

Heavier women more inclined to have less successful IVF cycle. Continue reading

Preconception and pregnancy BMI

Heavy babies linked to high Mum BMI

Body Mass Index (BMI) of mum has a direct link to the body weight of the baby. Continue reading

Baby Fever - When you realise you want a baby

Men get ‘broody’ for baby too

Men get clucky too! Research shows that 'baby fever' or the psychological desire for a baby exists for women and men. Continue reading

Baby’s lifetime health determined in first 1000 days

The first 1000 days of life can determine lifelong health. Continue reading