Pregnancy trans-fats linked to bigger babies

Mums who eat junk or fast food high in trans-fats during pregnancy are more likely to give birth to a bigger baby. Continue reading

Mums to be offered paid breastfeeding breaks

Proposed legislation may allow breastfeeding mothers to have up to 2 hours of paid breaks to feed their babies. Continue reading

Health food lowers birth defect risk

A healthy diet before and during pregnancy is linked to lower levels of birth defects. Continue reading

Postnatal depression treatment must improve

A new study from the charity 4Children reveals that more must be done to treat mums with postnatal depression. Continue reading

Asthma associated with late pre-term birth

New research in Pediatrics links asthma and late pre-term birth. Continue reading

Chemotherapy in pregnancy appears safe says study

Research presented at the European Multidisciplinary Cancer Congress finds that chemotherapy in pregnancy does not harm baby. Continue reading

Overweight Mum can lead to overweight baby

New research finds that obesity in pregnancy can lead to overweight babies. Continue reading

Low fat yoghurt linked to asthma and hay fever

Low fat yoghurt consumption in pregnancy is linked to increased asthma and hay fever. Continue reading

Yoghurt Pregnancy

Probiotics linked to lower pre-eclampsia risk

New research has found that pregnant women consuming probiotics may be at lower risk of pre-eclampsia. Continue reading

China hospital births increase as newborn deaths decrease

Hospitals reduce newborn deaths in China

Research in China reveals a significant decrease in the rate of infant mortality. Continue reading