Men are wired to care for baby

Fatherhood lowers testosterone…but men wired to ‘care’

Research shows that men's testosterone levels decrease when their partners give birth....and they are wired to care for baby. Continue reading

Europe and gender scan ban

Parents could be stopped from knowing sex of baby

The Council of Europe could prevent the NHS telling expectant parents the sex of their unborn child. Continue reading

Oily fish reduces allergy risk during pregnancy

Oily fish during pregnancy reduces allergy risk

An omega-3 rich diet for Mum during pregnancy can reduce food allergy risks in baby. Continue reading

Premature babies sensitive to pain at 35 weeks

Premature babies can’t tell pain from touch

Babies are unable to tell the difference between touch and pain until around 35 weeks. Continue reading

Pregnancy ibuprofen risk of miscarriage

Ibuprofen in pregnancy linked to increased miscarriage risk

Ibuprofen use has been linked to increased risk of miscarriage. Continue reading

C-section skin to skin

Women may be offered right to caesarean by NHS

Mums may be given the right to request a Caesarean delivery according to new guidelines. Continue reading

Pregnancy and heart disease screening

Screening for heart disease recommended for pregnant women

Heart disease is the most lethal risk during pregnancy. Continue reading

Weaning baby and salt in bread

Concern about high salt levels in bread

Your bread could be packed with hidden salt, with 28% of bread containing as much salt per slice as a packet of crisps. Continue reading

Pregnancy and heart disease

Heart disease in pregnancy linked to maternal death

Heart disease in pregnant mums linked to high mortality rates Continue reading

Baby apnea linked to snuff or snus

Snuff in pregnancy increases sleep apnea risk in newborns

Snuff use during pregnancy is associated with a higher risk of baby sleep apnea than smoking itself. Continue reading