Experts propose changes to maternity services

More mid-wife led units for UK Continue reading

Test could predict miscarriage

A simple urine test can be used to test the chance of miscarriage in pregnant women.

Childhood asthma linked to small foetus

Link between embryo size and asthma. Continue reading

Eating for two may cause obesity when pregnant

Eating for two may harm baby

Women who eat for two during their pregnancy may be causing harm to their baby. Continue reading

The sextuplets were delivered in Brookwood Medical Center

Sextuplets delivered in time for Father’s Day

A couple from Alabama have become proud parents to sextuplets. Continue reading

Expecting twins: expect a longer life

Mothers of twins live longer

Mother's of twins live longer. Or, does it just feel like it? Continue reading

Mum’s diet can increase risk of obesity

Mum’s diet can increase risk of obesity

British researchers find link found between mothers diet and child's obesity. Continue reading

Birth Plan

Contraceptive implant training required

GPs warned that they could be at risk of being sued by patients. Continue reading

Recall Boots Cotton Buds

Boots have announced a product recall for their cotton buds - Boots 100% Pure Cotton Buds (80 in a pack). Continue reading