Exercise during pregnancy safe

Exercise In Pregnancy Is Safe For Baby

Research shows exercise during pregnancy does no harm to baby. Continue reading

Flu shots for pregnant women could protect babies

Flu shots for pregnant women could protect babies

Researchers have found a link between flu vaccine during pregnancy and increased birth weight. Continue reading

Pre-eclampsia linked to heart disease

Pre-eclampsia leads to risk of heart disease risk

Research suggests a link between pre-eclampsia and heart disease. Continue reading

Chemotherapy is safe during pregnancy

Chemotherapy is ‘safe during pregnancy’

Research shows chemotherapy is 'safe during pregnancy' for baby and mother. Continue reading

Health professionals to share risk of Vitamin D deficiency

Vitamin D risks shared with pregnant and breastfeeding women

Health professionals urged to share information about vitamin deficiency with at-risk group. Continue reading

Scottish stillborn rates all time low

Scottish stillbirth rate all time low

Scottish stillborns and infant deaths reached an all time low in 2010. Continue reading

Virtual maternity ward wins award

Virtual maternity unit wins award

A virtual maternity unit created at the University of Nottingham wins an award for innovation. Continue reading

Too many stillbirths, say SANDS

Too many stillbirths, say SANDS

SANDS present new research in the House of Commons on ways to reduce the number of stillborn babies in the UK Continue reading

Anti depressants linked to high blood pressure in babies

Anti-depressants linked to high blood pressure in babies

A new study has linked anti-depressants in pregnancy with high blood pressure in babies. Continue reading

Variation in caffeine content may lead to overconsumption

Variations in coffee shop caffeine levels could lead to overconsumption. Continue reading