Mums at low risk should be allowed to choose

New research says Mums at low risk should have choice of home birth. Continue reading

Fathers should be more involved in maternity care

A new publication has stressed the importance of involving Dad in the maternity process. Continue reading

Loyd Grossman Korma Recall

Loyd Grossman korma sauce

The Food Standards Agency have issued a recall on Lloyd Grossman korma sauce. Continue reading

Urine test predicts pre-eclampsia

A urine test is able to predict whether expectant mums will develop pre-eclampsia. Continue reading

Numbers of home births have decreased

New data shows that levels of home births and multiple births are decreasing. Continue reading

Folic acid not linked to asthma risk

Asthma and allergies not linked to taking folic acid during pregnancy as thought in previous research. Continue reading

Baby born on Air India plane

Baby born mid flight from Delhi to Toronto

Baby born in flight at 31,000 feet Continue reading

High blood pressure increases defect risk

Pregnant women with high blood pressure are at risk of birth defects. Continue reading

Stressed mums linked to baby girls

New research finds that higher stress levels in mums can lead to the birth of more baby girls. Continue reading

Women with PCOS at risk of negative outcomes

Mums with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome at risk of 'adverse' pregnancy and birth outcomes. Continue reading