New mums told to return to work

Mums receive mixed messages over returning to work. Continue reading

Late talker at 2 will catch up

Relief for parents with late talkers

Late talkers at two will catch up Continue reading

3 Hours Exercise Per Day for Under Fives

Toddlers need 3 hours exercise each day

Is your toddler meeting the new fitness guidelines for under fives? Continue reading

Asda Little Angels flip-top cup

Asda have issued a product recall on their Little Angels flip-top cup. Continue reading

Milkybar Buttons Products

Milkybar Buttons Products

Nestlé UK Ltd has recalled products from their Milkybar Buttons range. Continue reading

Jane Asher My First Baking Kit

Jane Asher My First Baking Kit

Victoria Foods are recalling My First Baking Kit which contain Milky Bar Buttons with the Best Before Dates Oct 2011 and Nov 2011. Continue reading

Treating fever in children

Paracetamol and ibuprofen warning

Do you have 'fever phobia'? Read why its wise not to give paracetamol or ibruprofen too readily to treat a fever. Continue reading

Childminders and nurseries need healthy diet advice

Childminders and nurseries need healthy diet advice

Over a filth of children starting school are overweight. Continue reading

Brain food for baby

Brain food for baby

Healthy diet in young developing children is linked to higher levels of intelligence. Continue reading

Inequality of dental health in children across UK

Dental health is a stark inequality

Twenty percent of children from poorer backgrounds account for 80% of dental decay. Continue reading