Anesthesia before age three linked to ADHD

Anesthesia before age 3 linked to ADHD

Children who undergo operations with anesthesia early in life are of increased risk of ADHD. Continue reading

Aveeno baby calming comfort lotion

Johnson & Johnson Aveeno Baby

Johnson & Johnson have recalled bottles of their Aveeno Baby Calming Comfort Lotion. Continue reading

Vitamin D for toddlers

25% of toddlers are lacking Vitamin D

New research finds that 25% of toddlers do not have enough Vitamin D in their diet. Continue reading

New guidelines on early years nutrition

New guidelines on early years nutrition

New guidelines on early years nutrition have today been released by the School Food Trust Continue reading

Recall of Ikea high chair ANTILOP in red white and blue

Ikea ANTILOP high chair belt – recall

IKEA recalls ANTILOP children's high chair belt. Continue reading

Breast milk ice cream

2011’s news roundup

From breastmilk ice cream to passing a driving test whilst in labour, 2011's parenting news round up. Continue reading

Children as young as 2 can retain memory

First memories may happen as early as 2 years of age

Research suggests children as young as two may retain memories very early memories. Continue reading

Autism could be linked to intelligent parents

Research explores the link between intelligent parents and autistic children. Continue reading

Loyd Grossman Korma Recall

Loyd Grossman korma sauce

The Food Standards Agency have issued a recall on Lloyd Grossman korma sauce. Continue reading

Sick children require better care

Independent inquiry finds that sick children are not moved to specialist surgical units quickly enough. Continue reading