Behaviour affected by exposure to BPA

Chemical Bisphenol A (BPA) has been linked to deteriorating behaviour in female toddlers. Continue reading

Play, not TV for under two’s

Educational TV programmes for under two's may be damaging to language development. Continue reading

Children’s intensive care lacks qualified nurses

Research suggests there are not enough qualified intensive care nurses for children. Continue reading

Babies are able to understand fairness

New research finds that babies as young as 15 months are able to understand fairness. Continue reading

Breastfed babies enjoy better life chances

by Louise-Anne Geddes, Mindful Mum, 10th October 2011 The researchers are examining the relationship between breastfeeding

Doctore encourages MMR jab

Leading doctor encourages MMR vaccinations

The director of the European Center for Disease Control and Prevention recognises the importance of doctors in supporting the MMR vaccine to prevent measles. Continue reading

Accidental child poisining with medication prescription drugs US

Increase in accidental child medication poisonings

Accidental prescription medication poisionings are on the increase in the US. Continue reading

UK Kids Unhappy Need More of Parents Time

British children need more time and less stuff

What stops you from spending more time with your children... work, cooking, internet? Continue reading

nursery and child stress levels

Increased heart disease risk for babies in nurseries

Psychologist claims that nursery for babies can lead to increased risk of heart disease due to stress. Continue reading

Childrens TV and attention span

Action packed cartoons may damage attention span

Research for Pediatrics Journal reveals that fast past cartoons can lead to a reduced attention span. Continue reading