Vitamin supplements for baby

Adding nutrient powder to food may help childhood anaemia

Vitamin and mineral powders added to children's food can be effective in treating anaemia and other vitamin deficiencies. Continue reading

Childcare costs UK debt

UK parents in debt over childcare costs

Rising childcare costs puts increased pressure on the finances of many UK parents. Continue reading

Childrens ability to resist treats

Children who can’t resist treats will struggle as adults

Why learning self-control in childhood is important. Continue reading

Child brain scan aids diagnosis of autism

Brain scan has potential to aid autism diagnosis in toddlers

Research shows that the autistic brain is organised differently to a typically developing brain, which could prove useful diagnostically. Continue reading

Weaning baby and salt in bread

Concern about high salt levels in bread

Your bread could be packed with hidden salt, with 28% of bread containing as much salt per slice as a packet of crisps. Continue reading

Children and antibiotics for colds

Children given too many antibiotics

Parents are giving children antibiotics for colds and sore throats when they don't need them. Continue reading

Italian children and weight

More overweight Italian children than rest of Europe

Traditional healthy Mediterranean diet forgotten as 36% of Italian children over weight by age eight. Continue reading

Child eczema

Eczema biggest skin disease in British children

Does your child have eczema? Continue reading

2 Year olds understand complex grammar

Toddlers understand complex grammar

2 year old toddlers understand more language than they can articulate. Continue reading

Five-a-day parenting guidelines to be issued

Society think-tank, CentreForum, have proposed five-a-day parenting guidelines. Continue reading