1 week pregnant

Although called week one, you’ve yet to conceive. Start eating folic acid rich foods, such as broccoli, to prepare your body for pregnancy.

1 week pregnant

The countdown to baby’s arrival starts from week one, but technically there is no baby. So, if you are hoping to get pregnant and have just started your period mark today in your diary now. If your cycle is around 28 days you can expect to ovulate (release an egg) about 14 days after the start of your period. You are most fertile when you are ovulating, so if you want to get pregnant it’s the best time to have sex. See our ovulation calculator to work out your most fertile time of the month.

So, why call it week one of pregnancy when there is no baby?  It is very difficult to know for certain what day you conceived, so doctors use the first day of your last period as the starting point for your 40 weeks pregnancy. This is called the gestational age method to count how many weeks pregnant you are. It  means week 1 begins with first day of your menstrual period. 

Your body at 1 week (menstrual period)

If you have just started your period you may feel discomfort such as tender breasts, stomach pains and tiredness. You can ease period pains by drinking less caffeine, avoiding stress, exercising or the popular ‘go to’ relief for periods – a warm hot water bottle.

How you are feeling at week 1

If you have made the decision to try for a baby, this is a great time to look at your preconception health and life style. Speak to your partner about a preconception health check-up and consider the following;

Things to consider

  • If you are thinking of trying for a baby it makes sense to incorporate some simple lifestyle changes, such as healthy eating and exercise to help you get pregnant. Gum disease is thought to lead to complications, so get your teeth checked out before you get pregnant.
  • Check your weight for pregnancy, make sure you are not over or underweight as both can have a bearing on preconception health.
  • Consider genetic screening if you have had two or more miscarriages, a stillbirth or long period of infertility.
  • Avoid toxic chemicals and think about environmental hazards
  • Have a look at these great reasons to have a baby.

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