Is It Safe?

Sweet drinks could be linked to premature birth

New research has suggested that women who consume sugary drinks during their pregnancy may be more likely to have a premature birth Continue reading

Eating nuts during pregnancy reduces allergy risk

New research suggests that women who eat nuts during their pregnancy can reduce their child's risk of developing allergies in their childhood Continue reading

Caffeine in pregnancy

No caffeine link to hyperactive behaviour

New research suggests that caffeine consumption during pregnancy is not related to hyperactive behaviour in children Continue reading

Painkillers not linked to miscarriage

Painkillers not linked to miscarriage

New research suggests over the counter painkillers don't increase the risk of miscarriage. Continue reading

Do you know your maternal rights in the workplace?

Do you know your maternity rights at work?

Know your rights in your workplace during pregnancy. Continue reading

Daily drinking in pregnancy not safe

Drinking daily in pregnancy is ‘not safe’

NHS Choices inform about misleading headlines which claim binge drinking in pregnancy is OK Continue reading

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Win an environmentally friendly cleaning kit worth £50 from EcoForce Continue reading

Driving and pregnancy

Pregnancy and driving

Guidelines for driving when pregnant. Continue reading

Can I drink coffee during pregnancy?

Need a caffeine buzz but don't know if it's safe? Continue reading

Is it safe to use a jacuzzi/sauna when pregnant?

Will bubbling away in the jacuzzi harm baby? Continue reading