When should I buy organic fruit and vegetables?

When to buy organic

Fruit and vegetables with the lowest & highest levels of pesticide residues found in UK supermarket shelves. Continue reading

Is it safe to take artificial sweeteners when pregnant?

Can I take artificial sweeteners when pregnant?

I am trying to maintain a healthy weight when pregnant, can I take sugar substitutes like aspartame and saccharin? Continue reading

Vitamin C for pregnancy

Vitamin C for pregnancy

A good rule of thumb is to aim for at least 3 servings of vitamin C each day. Continue reading

Foods rich in vitamin C for a healthy pregnancy

List of Vitamin C Sources

Download sources of Vitamin C to help your absorption of iron. Continue reading

Perfume without parabens

How to find perfume for a pregnant woman

Research suggests that women should avoid perfume during pregnancy. Continue reading

Baby names for mischief makers

Teachers reveal the names that suggest your child is going to be naughty or bright! Continue reading

Recall Boots Cotton Buds

Boots have announced a product recall for their cotton buds - Boots 100% Pure Cotton Buds (80 in a pack). Continue reading