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Pregnancy hypnotherapy CD

Pregnancy hypnotherapy

Amanda Gwynne shares the benefits of pregnancy hypnotherapy CD's Continue reading

Benefits of delaying the cutting of the umbilical cord

Benefits of waiting to cut the umbilical cord

Here are the benefits of waiting to clamp the umbilical cord following birth. Continue reading

Giving Birth

Giving birth A to Z

Need more information on giving birth in the UK. See our list of organisations for support in labour, pregnancy, maternity services and child birth classes. Continue reading


Premature babies

Find out more about caring for a premature baby. Continue reading


The history of hypnobirthing

Labour without fear and pain sound bliss? Here is the history of Hypnobirthing. Continue reading

Signs of Labour

Signs of labour

Do you know the signs of labour? Prepare for the birth of your child. Continue reading

Tips on how to induce labour

10 ways to induce labour

Fed up waiting? Try these tips to bring on labour. Continue reading

Raspberry leaf tea during pregnancy

Raspberry leaf tea and labour

Consuming raspberry leaf tea in your third trimester might make labour shorter. Continue reading

Birth Plan

How to write a birth plan

Download a tried and tested birth plan for a normal birth. Continue reading

What are my pain relief options during labour?

What are my pain relief options during labour?

Pain relief options for labour. Continue reading