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Alcoholic Free Drinks

Top 5 Non Alcoholic Drinks

Here's a list of non alcoholic drinks to add some sparkle to your alcohol free alternatives. Continue reading

RCM comments on improvements to maternity services

The Chief Executive of the Royal College of Midwives, Cathy Warwick has commented on the 'welcome and positive' steps of the NHS on improving maternity services. Continue reading

Blood pressure pregnant

Mum’s blood pressure affects IQ in kids

Research suggests high blood pressure in pregnant women can affect children's IQ later in life. Continue reading

New whooping cough advice for pregnant women

The Department of Health has stated that vaccinations will be made available to all pregnant women due to a rise in whooping cough cases in young babies. Continue reading

Sweet drinks could be linked to premature birth

New research has suggested that women who consume sugary drinks during their pregnancy may be more likely to have a premature birth Continue reading

Always on the run

One of the biggest challenges of being a working mum, whether inside or outside of the home, is finding time for personal wellness and exercise. Feature writer Sara shares her tips for getting back into exercise after having a baby. Continue reading

Eating nuts during pregnancy reduces allergy risk

New research suggests that women who eat nuts during their pregnancy can reduce their child's risk of developing allergies in their childhood Continue reading

How to have an eco period

What is the environmental impact of your period? What are the eco-friendly options? What is the

Whooping cough booster for pregnant women

Whooping cough booster for pregnant women

Pregnant women may be given booster injections to protect babies from whooping cough. Continue reading

Depression in pregnancy linked to premature births

Depression in pregnancy linked to premature births

New research suggests a link between symptoms of depression and delivering a premature baby. Continue reading