Christmas crafts for children

Children love nothing more than rolling up their sleeves and getting their hands dirty, especially during the excitement of all the festive happenings!

Christmas crafts for children

by Louise-Anne Geddes, Mindful Mum, 23rd November 2011

Here are our top ten Christmas crafts for your little ones to enjoy making.

  1. Calendar
  2. Melted snowmen
  3. Crunchy Christmas puddings
  4. Home made crackers
  5. Clothes peg fairies
  6. Jointed Santa decorations
  7. Stained glass Christmas trees
  8. Christmas tree favours
  9. Plastic bottle snow globe
  10. Home made wrapping paper

Homemade Christmas cards

Home made Christmas cardsGet some crafty inspiration from these fantastic homemade Christmas card ideas to make at home.


Choose a strong A4 piece of card – metallic colours always look festive (think red, green, silver or gold). Either print a festive Christmas image for your child to colour in, or recycle the front of a Christmas card from last year and stick on. Finally, stick a calendar tab to the bottom of the card (these can be purchased for pennies in a craft shop) and add some brightly coloured ribbon to hang.

Melted snowmen

Always a festive favourite! Help to cut out a piece of white funky foam in the shape of a puddle. Stick a decent sized white pom pom to the funky foam (this is the head of your melted snowman!), and add a set of googly eyes, a tiny carrot nose (a small piece of card, or funky foam will do) and a little mouth (black marker pen). Then all you need to do is make a tiny hat and scarf to go around your poor melted snowman’s neck! These can be make from white card (a little help will be needed cutting out!), and then coloured in. Or if you’re feeling particularly creative you could knit a tiny set!

Crunchy Christmas puddings

Follow a basic recipe for cornflake/rice crispy cakes, but add a little edible glitter to the mix. Once they are cool, mix up some icing sugar and drizzle over the top (no need to be too exact!). Using ready to use fondant icing, help the little ones to cut tiny holly leaves and berries to decorate.

Home made Christmas crackers

Save up used toilet roll tubes and choose some brightly coloured wrapping paper. Cover the toilet roll tube in PVA glue and cover with the wrapping paper. At this stage, it is usual to add a cracker snap to the inside but this is not essential. Let the little ones write jokes or riddles to put inside, and include a small prize (a chocolate coin perhaps). Twist each end and tie off with some ribbon.

Clothes peg fairies

Buy a pack of dolly pegs, which can be found in any craft shop. Draw a face on your peg with a permanent marker, and stick on scraps of wool for hair. From the neck of the peg down, wrap some coloured voile, and tie off with a small piece of coloured ribbon. You then draw a template for fairy wings on plain white paper (it can be decorated with glitter or stickers as the little ones choose). Cut these out and punch two holes in the top of the wings before attaching to the back of the neck (where the voile is attached) with coloured ribbon.

Jointed Santa decorations

This one might require some help for the little ones. All you need is a template for all of Santa’s body parts, which can be found at Birmingham Grid for Learning, and some split pins. Cut out all of Santa’s body parts and colour in. Follow the directions on the template to pin Santa together using the split pins and you have a jointed Santa who moves and looks lifelike! You can also add some ribbon to the top to make this into a special Christmas tree decoration.

Stained glass Christmas trees

Cut the shape of a Christmas tree out of a sheet of strong A4 card – any colour you like. Glue a transparency sheet for overhead projector to the back of the card. You will then have a clear Christmas tree which can be decorated with projector pens – think tinsel, decorations, baubles etc. These look particularly lovely stuck up in a window where there are Christmas lights (a candle arch, for example) to illuminate the colours, just like in a church setting.

Christmas tree favours

Choose various colours of netting or voile, and cut into squares. Layer two pieces on top of each other, red and gold, or red and silver perhaps. Place a little gift such as a small tea light candle, or a few sweets in the centre and tie off with ribbon. Curl the ribbon and place them on the branches of your Christmas tree. The little ones will love giving one to visitors to your home over the Christmas period.

Plastic bottle snow globe

All you need for this craft is an empty plastic bottle which has been cleaned out – a smallish one is usually more effective and striking. Make sure there are no scraps of labels on the outside of the bottle. Fill the bottle about 4/5’s of the way up, and add various colours of glitter, sequins or whatever other sparkly items (small!) you wish to the bottle. Replace the lid and shake vigorously to see your very own snow globe! Simple but effective.

Home made wrapping paper

This is a really simple craft which the little ones will love to make, and wrap their presents in! All you need is some large sheets of brown paper, potatoes and your choice of poster paints (festive colours such as red, green, gold and silver work well). Make potato printers by carving simple shapes such as stars, parcels and other Christmassy designs into your potatoes (you’ll find ideas online if you get stuck). Put down plenty of newspaper to prevent mess, dip your printers into the paints and print onto the brown paper, creating your own unique Christmas wrap!

Source:  Jointed Santa decoration

Photography: Philip Dean @Flickr

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