Games for Halloween

After the costumes are chosen and the pumpkin is carved, it’s time to plan some ghoulish games for your Halloween party. Below are a list of games for all ages to keep your little monsters entertained this Halloween.

The top 10 party games for your children’s halloween party.

  1. Ducking for apples
  2. Doughnut on a string
  3. The mummy game
  4. Pumpkin bowling
  5. Bubble wrap game
  6. Witches stew game
  7. Skeleton bone hunt
  8. Musical tombstones
  9. Pumpkin roll
  10. Noises in the night

Ducking for apples

A classic at every Halloween party, ducking/dooking/bobbing for apples is a firm favourite for party goers. Simply get a hairband to keep fringes out of the way, a basin filled with warm water and throw in a few apples. Each child gets to have a turn at picking out an apple with their teeth. Harder than it sounds!

If your little monsters have their face painted and don’t want to have it wash off, place a chair with its back to the bowl. Each child will kneel on the chair with their head over the back and will take it in turn to drop a fork from their mouth into the bowl and spear an apple with it.

Doughnut on a string

Another classic, the doughnut or pancake on a string provides endless entertainment. An outdoor washing line is best for this messy game. Tie a line of doughtnuts or buttered pancakes along the washing line. Either each person, or one person from each team has to keep their hands behind their back and eat the doughnut/pancake as fast as they can. The person who finishes first wins!

The mummy game

For this game you need a few rolls of toilet roll. Separate the children into small teams of 3 or four. Each team is given one roll of toilet roll with which to create a mummy. Each team must choose one person to be the mummy and they should stand up with their arms by their side. The rest of the team should use the toilet roll to wrap them up from head to toe. The winning team is the team who wraps up their mummy in the quickest time.

Pumpkin bowling

Assemble some empty juice bottles in a triangle, similar to ten pin bowling, at the end of a hallway or other side of the room. Each player has to roll a smallish pumpkin on its side towards the pins and try to knock them down. The winner is the monster who knocks the most pins down.

Bubble wrap game

We all know how addictive it can be to pop bubble wrap. Buy a big sheet and cut out some big halloween shapes such as pumpkins, cats, witches and cauldrons. Each person has to pop all of the bubbles as fast as they can and the winner is the quickest popper.

Witches stew game

To play this game, you need some straws, a bowl and some cut out halloween shapes about the size of a 50p.

Each player sits around the bowl and has a straw each and six halloween shapes in front of them. Using the straw as a vacuum, they must suck up each of their shapes and carry them over to the bowl before dropping them in. The winner will have put each of their shapes into the ‘witches stew’ bowl in the quickest time.

Skeleton bone hunt

Either make or buy a big skeleton poster with the pins at the joints to make the parts moveable. Detach each bone and scatter them around the house or garden. The party goers must find each bone and should help reassemble the skeleton. Place a treat beside each bone.

Musical tombstones

A spooky take on musical chairs. To make the tombstones cut out the shape on two bits of grey card, decorate each side with spooky drawings and names before stapling them together. They should be big enough that the slide easily over the back of a folding chair.

Play to the same rules but make the music spooky.

Pumpkin roll

Find two small pumpkins and two sturdy brooms. Mark out a start and finish line in the room or garden. Place the pumpkin on its side so it easily rolls. Each player must push the pumpkin with the broom towards the finish line.

Noises in the night

For this game you’ll need a big cardboard box. Let the children turn the box into a haunted house with pens and crayons but don’t cut out windows or doors – no peeking is allowed! A child sits underneath the box and listens patiently. One by one each party goer must approach the box and do their best howl. If the person sitting inside the haunted house can guess who the howl belongs to, then the howler must take their place in the box. Let every child have a turn sitting inside the haunted house.

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Source: Disney Familyfun, TLC Family

Photography: VDRG Dansschool @Flickr

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