Home made Christmas advent calendars

Christmas is an exciting time for children. The count down to the big day starts 24 days in advance. How better to build excitement with a home made advent calendar.

Home made Christmas advent calendar

Here’s our pick of the top home made advent calenders! (updated November 2012 to include Mother’s Union advent calender)

Advent is the Christian tradition of observing the four weeks preceding Christmas. For more information on Advent and traditional practice of lighting a candle on each of the four Sundays preceding Christmas see Advent for kids.

Traditional advent calendar

The Mother’s Union advent calendar has a traditional Christmas nativity scene. Print it out then let your children colour it in and glue the activity sheet for a non-commercial build up to Christmas. Click on the image to download the calendar.

Muslin bag calendar

An easy calendar to make, your children can help you with this one.
homemade calendar muslin bag

  • Buy 25 cheap, small muslin bags.
  • Using brightly coloured pens write the numbers 1-25 on them.
  • Attach different lengths of red or green ribbon or string to each bag.
  • Hang them up on coathooks or from a window sill.
  • Fill the bags with small presents or treats for your little ones.
  • Let them open one bag per day on the run up to Christmas.

Bubble wrap calendar

A fun calendar for the whole family and really simple to make!
homemade calendar bubble wrap

  • Buy a sheet of big bubble bubblewrap and count out 25 bubbles.
  • Trim the sheet to size.
  • Using a marker pen, write the numbers 1-25 in random places around the sheet.
  • Each day, pop the bubble with the coinciding number.

Santa beard calendar

This is one for your children to enjoy but mum or dad to help with each morning.
homemade calendar Santa beard

  • On red paper mark out and draw a hat.
  • Draw and cut out a face using peach paper.
  • Cut out trim and a bauble for the hat using white paper.
  • On a long piece of white paper, draw and cut out an extra large beard for Santa.
  • Use a ruler to mark 25 equal horizontal sections across Santa’s beard and number them.
  • Glue all pieces together.
  • Each morning, carefully cut along the line to shorten Santa’s beard. When it’s all gone, it’s Christmas Day!

Advent tree calendar

When on a woodland walk keep an eye out for a branch you can use for your advent tree.
homemade calendar tree

  • Plant your branch in a pot or rest against a wall to keep it upright.
  • Attach a mix of toys and treats in smal bags or wrapped in old wrapping paper to string loops.
  • Along with other Christmas decorations, attach the gifts to the branches of the tree.
  • Let your little one choose one every day until Christmas.

Odd sock calendar

Find yourself with a washing machine monster who eats a sock or two every wash? Do something useful with the odd socks.
homemade calendar socks

  • Gather 25 odd socks, the more colourful the better!
  • Write 1-25 on the socks or if you still have hope of finding their partners, use stickers.
  • Fill each sock with goodies.
  • Use tinsel or string to create a washing line on the wall or across the fire place.
  • Use pegs from the washing line to attach each sock to the line.
  • Let your child pick out a treat each morning.

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  1. Mindful Mum says:

    The charity Mother’s Union are asking mums and dads to ditch the Christmas list because it puts too much pressure on parents to buy things for children they cannot afford. What do you think? Would you rather your child made an advent calendar than write a list to Santa?

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