How to carve a pumpkin

Contrary to popular belief, carving a pumpkin takes little to no skill. Willpower is the most important thing you’ll have to lend to your pumpkin!

Pumpkin Carving

Use our step by step guide for carving out your spooky pumpkin!

  1. Pick your pumpkin
  2. Make the lid
  3. Hallow out the pumpkin
  4. A traditional pumpkin
  5. A masterpiece
  6. Cut out the holes
  7. Light your pumpkin

Pick your pumpkin

Pick a fresh pumpkin. The size and shape of your pumpkin depends entirely on what design you have in mind. One with a large surface area is good for an elaborate design or a low, round one is great for a pumpkin with character.

Make the lid

Draw or score a large circular or jagged opening around the stalk of the pumpkin(big enough for your hand to fit through). This will make the lid. Carefully, using a sharp knife, cut along your line to detach the lid from the pumpkin. Using a spoon held by the base of the handle, scrape off any pulp or seeds attached to the lid.

Hallow out the pumpkin

Now for the messy bit that the kids can help with! Using the same method, scoop out all of the seeds and pulp from the inside of the pumpkin. Keep this as it could be used to make a hearty, warming soup.

A traditional pumpkin

If you are opting for a straight forward traditional pumpkin, use a pen or score two triangles as eyes, one as a nose and a mouth with teeth on your pumpkin. Ask your children to help you draw the pumpkins face.

A masterpiece

If you are planning a masterpiece carving of Frankenstein or a scary monster, there are plenty of free pumpkin carving templates you can download from the internet. Stick the template onto your pumpkin and you’re ready to go.

Cut out the holes

Using your knife, follow along the lines of your pumpkin’s features and gently push out the pieces. To keep your pumpkin fresher for longer, rub cooking oil into the cuts.

Light your pumpkin

Place a lit candle or tea light into the pumpkin and replace the lid for an eerie glow.
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