Top tips for decorating the nursery

Decorating your baby’s nursery can be one of the most exciting things to do in preparation for the birth. Follow these tips to make sure your baby’s nursery is a relaxing and peaceful bedroom.



When decorating the nursery, keep the decor simple. Keep the furniture one colour and paint the walls in one shade. By keeping a nursery simple, it can be easily updated to turn it from a nursery, to a big boy/big girls room in the future.

Gender neutral

If you don’t know the sex of the baby, this is an obvious one – keep the colours neutral. Even if you know you are expecting a boy, keeping to yellows and creams instead blues makes for a modern, easily adaptable nursery.

Wall stickers

To help add a touch of personality to the room, try adding a wall sticker. They are temporary and easy to apply yourself. With hundreds of designs to choose from, you can quickly turn a nursery into a jungle theme, add a growth chart or place some inspiring words above the cot.


Storage solutions are key to keeping your nursery clutter and stress free. Keep baby’s things neatly tidied away in various storage boxes and drawers. Hanging rails for clothes and folding clothes on shelves might look appealing but by keeping clothes in drawers and closed wardrobes, you’ll prevent them getting dusty and keep them fresh.

Accent the room

Although keeping a room simple will help make it adaptable in the future, there’s nothing stopping you adding accents of colour to really brighten the room up. Splashes of colour can be added with blankets, rugs, pillows or a colour theme in some toys always on display.

A feature wall is a great way to introduce colour without covering every wall.

Soft lighting

Keep lighting soft in the baby’s room to help soothe them to sleep. A dimmer switch will help baby drift off and are ideal for keeping lighting low through night time feeds.

Looking up

Your baby will spend the majority of their time lying on their back looking up at the roof. Don’t forget to give them something to look at! Mobiles or roof art can be stimulating and help with baby’s development so remember to give them something pretty to look at.


Although the nursery should be space for baby to grow into a happy child, it should compliment the rest of the house. Keeping a feel of the house flowing through into the nursery will help your baby feel comfortable in other rooms. Try similar colours or a similar style of furniture.


Decorating the nursery should be done around three months before the baby arrives to ensure the room is fume free. Be sure to select toxic-free paint for the safety of both mum and baby and if stripping wallpaper or paint that’s particularly old, (before 1970’s) steer well clear as many contain lead which can be hazardous for pregnant women.

Mum friendly

Both mum and baby have to enjoy time spent in the nursery so make sure it’s friendly to mum too! Put a rocking chair in the corner of the room with a cosy blanket for night time feeds with baby.

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