How to make a birthing CD

A fun activity for parents-to-be to do together is creating a birthing CD or playlist. Of course, the music will be more Mum’s choice than Dad’s but the downloading and creating of the playlist can be Dad’s project.

Birth Music

There are a few things to consider when making a birthing CD or playlist:

How will it play?

Firstly, think about your method of playing your playlist or CD. You might want to check with your hospital that they have a CD or MP3 dock that is compatible with yours. If they don’t, ask if you can bring along your own docking station or player. They may suggest you change format to suit the equipment they already have. Checking first saves you turning up unable to play any of your favourite songs and having to dig out an old Christmas favourites CD from the hospital stock pile.


Increasingly, more pregnant women are opting for hypnobirthing to help them acheive a painless and natural birth. Listening to hypnobirthing CD’s can be extremely calming for mum-to-be reducing her stress levels during pregnancy.


If you’re planning on having a playlist full of songs you firstly need to decide on the tone and style. Although some women see labour as a beautiful and natural life experience, a soundtrack of seagull and whale noises just isn’t for everyone!

Your birthing playlist could be just instrumental, just songs, or a mixture of both. Some women might think putting all of their all time favourite songs onto the playlist is a great idea but when you’re trying to relax and concentrate on your breathing, the last thing you might want to hear is a club anthem.

Opt for relaxing and paced songs, no woman will manage to synchronise her breathing with the rhythm of a fast rock track.


Many of your existing playlists will be for commuting or drives in the car and will have plenty of songs to keep you going. When thinking of labour, the last thing you want is your playlist to be on repeat within the first three hours. Give yourself plenty of hours of music to make sure you won’t be fed up of your playlist before the pushing even starts.

Introduce baby early

Playing some of your relaxing birthing songs earlier on during pregnancy will introduce baby to them. On hearing them again, both yourself and baby will be calmed at the familiarity of the songs.

Choose your birthing song

Whether relaxing or powerful, choose your birthing song wisely, it’s not one you’re likely to forget any time soon! It might even give you inspiration for your baby’s name. In future years, your child will love to hear what song they were born to.

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