Beautiful nails equals stylish mama?

Can gorgeous nails make you feel more stylish? Feature writer Charlotte explains why she thinks beautiful nails are key to being a stylish mum.

What is the simplest way to make yourself feel like a stylish mummy? A beautiful set of nails, of course! No matter how many poops you’ve rescued out of the bath or how many bogeys retrieved from nostrils, nice nails make you feel like you can take on the world.

Luckily, there is nothing quicker or simpler to achieve, especially when compared to two hours in the hairdressers or a mortifying half an hour butt naked, save for a pair of paper knickers, in the spray tan booth. Nothing sexy or stylish about that I can tell you mummies.

But a manicure is child’s play. Do-It-Yourself with a kit from Boots.  Get a friend to do it if you fancy the salon-at-home experience. Get the kids to do it even! Maybe not. If you are feeling super stylish then head to your local nail bar. Twenty five pounds later and you will emerge with freshly stuck on/gelled on/painted on talons and the world will be your oyster. You will strut around feeling like a supermodel and every time you do anything with your paws, you will gaze upon your freshly adorned nails and think, “I am so put together and stylish.”  Then smile contentedly to yourself before chasing around after that poop in the bath.

Avoid 3D nail sculptures (cast of Made In Chelsea anyone?) or two inch acrylic nails because they are difficult to maintain. Just ask for a nice rounded or ‘squoval’ tip, a mere millimeter or two longer than your own nail and you are good to go. Perhaps with a little of this season’s pretty pastel colours to finish them off to perfection.

And remember your hands and nails are not tools, so do wear gloves to wash up/garden/clean, don’t use your nails to scrape/open/pick, and do use oil on them at night and cream during the day, to keep them looking beautiful.

Pretty, natural nails really are the epitome of style, and you will feel like Super-Mum as you whizz through your day being everything to everyone, looking slick and stylish with your perfect pinkies as you do it.

Photography: Team Marche @Flickr

+Charlotte Hammond

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