Changing bags, changing lives

Feature writer Louisa tells us how to make your changing bag as stylish as your outfit!

Changing bags, changing lives

When you have a baby your life changes, along with the meaning of what is a ‘must-have’ item. Whilst your baby is not a fashion accessory, the many things you need as a result of them can be! A changing bag is something that you will carry around for the first year if not two years of your baby’s life, so why not make it as stylish as your outfits.

You may choose to go for one that is very obviously a changing bag and in keeping with the sex of your baby. If so, one of the changing bags above would make a great choice!

White and blue sea bag: Designers Guild – Around the World
Shoes bag: Pink Lining – Dancing On Air
Floral bag: Cath Kidson – Pinny Flowers
Red rabbit bag: Anorak – Kissing Rabbit
Pink and yellow bag: Designers Guild – Daisy Patch

Keep it neutral

Some of you may opt to keep your changing bag neutral and looking more like your everyday handbag, in which case one of these would be perfect:

Changing bags, changing lives

Black bag: Koochu – Capri
Brown bag: Koochu – Lincoln
Grey bag: Babymel – Amanda Quilted Moss

Get a bag organiser

If you have a favourite bag that you just can’t stand to be without, then you could get an insert which allows you to use any bag you wish.

Changing bags, changing lives

Bag: Organiser

Think about the look you want to go for and what statement you want to make with your changing bag. Once you know what you are looking for, finding the perfect bag should be a doddle!

+Louisa Bell

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